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Affordable Civil and Municipal Concrete Services in Edmonton

At King Cong-Crete Ltd, we take care of civil and municipal concrete work. From assisting with the Municipal Improvement Agreement (MIA) to taking care of on-street construction and looking into maintenance permits, we help you with the entire range of concrete work that you might require to meet your civil and municipal regulations. Construction can be a tedious and time-consuming service to begin with. What helps is to have concrete contractors in Edmonton who can assist with civil and municipal concrete work. Our experts know the ins and outs of the concrete construction industry. We aid you with a range of construction services that help you meet civil and municipal concrete construction regulations.


Whether it's curb and gutter or streets for a new subdivision, King Cong-Crete Ltd has the equipment and staff for your project. Our equipment operators and contractors have specialized training and relevant experience to assist you with queries and provide you with timely solutions.


Give us a call for more information and to set up a consultation.

Types of Civil and Municipal Services

We excel at providing our clients with timely concrete services for a host of civil work. These include:

New construction
Removal & replacement of concrete
MIA construction (Municipal Improvement Agreement)
Curbs & gutters
Swale & islands

Looking for Concrete Solutions?

Get your municipal regulated concrete constructions done with King Cong-Crete Ltd.

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