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Commercial Concrete Solutions in Edmonton

Commercial construction projects require a reliable concrete partner to support your visions. With our team of highly trained and insured contractors, King Cong-Crete Ltd is well suited to meet your construction needs in Edmonton and surrounding areas. You get state of the art construction technology paired with cost-effective measures to get assured satisfaction. We have served many clients on the construction of commercial projects, which has helped us garner valuable experience in the field. Our approach to supporting builders on their commercial projects ensures timely delivery of concrete services at the right prices.


When it comes to construction work for commercial settings, concrete used must be highly durable while maintaining its flexibility to be used according to what the client wants. Our skilled team helps you get the most out of concrete to get maximum benefits from using concrete. With business owners often preferring concrete flooring because it’s easy to clean, doesn’t hold onto mould and dust, and allows spills to be quickly mopped up, we make sure the services are easily accessible to you, which is precisely what makes King Cong-Crete one of the most reliable contractors in Edmonton.

The Most Trusted Concrete Solutions

Finishing commercial projects requires a high level of skill and expertise to translate plans on paper into reality. With King Cong-Crete Ltd, you have the contractors for the job. Not only do you get professionalism and quality craftwork tuned to your projects every time you choose to hire us, but you also get innovative solutions. Our end to end support for our clients means that every project is treated with attention and top-notch service. From pre-construction to completion, each stage of the project is extensively planned beforehand to ensure we meet our goals, all within your budget.


Along with new construction projects for commercial sites, we also undertake restoration and repair jobs at King Cong-Crete Ltd. We have worked with different clients on varying sizes of commercial projects, big or small. With your satisfaction our top priority, King Cong-Crete Ltd meets your expectations always. We install, design, and repair customized concrete features for residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Edmonton, St. Albert, and Sherwood Park.


Give us a call and we’ll help you out.

Holistic Concrete Services in Edmonton

With us you get:

Top-quality materials
A well trained and insured staff
Strict adherence to deadlines
Pocket-friendly services

Wide Range of Commercial Services

King Cong-Crete Ltd undertakes a wide range of commercial construction projects. Some of the timely concrete solutions we provide across Edmonton include:

Concrete parking lots
Commercial concrete patch and repair
Concrete patios
Concrete walkways
Concrete curbs and gutters
Concrete ramps

Customized Commercial Solutions

We help commercial building owners and developers find unique and custom concrete solutions.

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