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Specialty Concrete Contractors in Edmonton

Are you looking for a concrete service but can't make it fit into one of our offerings? Worry not. At King Cong-Crete Ltd, we help our clients with a varied choice of services. Whether it is custom made concrete structures or specific concrete work, we help you get the service you need across Edmonton. With us, you get specialty concrete services that are tuned to address your special projects. Our services help you translate your vision into reality, all within the right budget.


At King Cong-Crete Ltd, we work closely with our clients to help them get the concrete services they require. From beginning to end, our contractors offer you all the services necessary to finish your product. Get timely advice on your custom concrete project and make an informed decision based on facts and figures. From indoor stairs to decks, you must be aware of the risks involved in constructing all custom-made structures. As a full-range custom concrete contractor servicing Edmonton and the surrounding area, we can complete small and large concrete projects for residential and commercial/municipal clients.


Get all that much more with King Cong-Crete Ltd. Give us a call and let us help you with your custom projects.

Areas of Specialty Concrete Service

We have worked across different areas, helping clients with a multitude of specialty concrete services. These include:

Different coloured and textured concrete projects
Inset concrete logos or lettering
Large staircases
Much more

One Place for Everything Concrete

Bring your vision into reality with our specialty concrete construction services in Edmonton.

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