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Decorative Concrete Contractors in Edmonton

At the hands of our master crafters, even a seemingly dull material like concrete becomes full of life and creativity. Our decorative concrete solution helps you get the best out of concrete construction. Serving across Edmonton and surrounding areas, King Cong-Crete Ltd provides you with attractive concrete floor types for residential properties. Decorative concrete solutions at King Cong-Crete Ltd help add a touch of custom designs and patterns to your residential and commercial spaces.


The benefits of using concrete works remain multifold. They are sustainable, versatile, ranging from vivid to sombre designs, easy to clean, and combine the best of looks and durability. Our expert contractors come well equipped with both the skills and experience required to pull off a decorative concrete construction job, all while ensuring your utmost satisfaction.


So give us a call and modify your outdoors, poolside, patio, walkway, or driveway to reflect a part of you. Our decorative concrete solutions offer you the convenience of easy maintenance, heat reflectivity and come with the option of having different textures.


With our decorative and other residential concrete solutions in Edmonton, you get top quality service, always.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a brilliant and unique way to replicate the look of a stone, brick, or natural materials, just by using plain old concrete. It comes with the same durability as a concrete built structure, only with a look that fits your bill. At King Cong-Crete Ltd, you get a wide variety of options that help you choose the look your stamped concrete work should have. Once that is finalized, our professionals take care of the construction work swiftly and within budget.


Stamped concrete can have a wide variety of applications due to its versatility. It provides high resistance to corrosive and damaging substances like fire and water. This makes it suitable for both residential and commercial purposes. Patios, to pool decks and driveways, jazz up the look of your residential or commercial structure with our stamped concrete service. Our guarantee here at King Cong-Crete Ltd is that the finished product we offer is clean, aesthetically pleasing and professional. Stand out from your neighbours with King Cong-Crete Ltd’s stamped concrete service.

Exposed Concrete

One of the ways decorative concrete work can be done is through exposed concrete. This is where we place concrete and then take away the top layer to expose the beautiful designs underneath. 


Because of its durability and skid resistance, an exposed aggregate finish is ideal for most flatwork, including:

Pool decks

Attractive Concrete Constructions

With our decorative concrete service, you get your desired look and long-lasting durability.

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