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Concrete Removal and Replacement Services in Edmonton

At King Cong-Crete Ltd, you get a convenient way to fix concrete structures that have been damaged and, over time, deteriorated to a point where restoration is difficult. Our experts help you remove and replace concrete that’s become obsolete. Broken or decayed concrete can still be hazardous and can lead to injuries. This makes their timely removal advisable. Often leaving decayed concrete could lead to further deterioration and cause harm to the overall structure. In such cases, reach out to King Cong-Crete Ltd for swift removal and replacement service in all of Edmonton.


Our remove and replace services include sidewalks, curbs, pads, etc. King Cong-Crete Ltd has top quality service at the right prices with years of experience, just a call away. We help residences, commercial properties, industrial sites, and municipalities find timely solutions to concrete removal and replacement in Edmonton.


Get swift removal of debris and a well-planned replacement plan to solve your concrete issues. Our contractors ensure a smooth and hassle-free process and help you get the most of it once the project is complete, the site concrete flows well, and the transitions are seamless.

Our Process

We begin by saw cutting and excavating the damaged or deteriorated concrete parts. This is done to ease the removal process, and our experts make sure to curtail damage while removing the debris. While one of our team takes care of proper disposal, others are already working to replace the removed concrete with a stable base. A well-planned project is then executed to meet your concrete work specifications and replace the now removed concrete.


Call Us to remove and replace your concrete today!

Hassle-Free Concrete Removal

Get timely concrete removal and swift replacement with King Cong-Crete Ltd.

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